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Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl

The Choice Was Hers!

Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)
About Anita E. Wladichuk

About Anita E. Wladichuk

Author and Child's Rights Advocate

The Original Book

The Original Book

The book that started it all!

Author's Biography

Author's Biography

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“Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)” is a true story written in a fictional manner with rich metaphors and similes. It is like opening Pandora’s Box where the reader is faced with two simultaneous contrasting realities. One is a mysterious, underlying creature, unspoken of throughout the book, called “hope”. The other reality is the "darkness of adversity" that fate tests on an innocent young girl named Anastasia. She must make a bold journey of self-discovery or face self-destruction. The choice was hers!

To open this boxed-shaped book springs you into your journey of reading and thinking outside the box because that is the way it is written. Each page and chapter encourages reading between the lines because it is written to stimulate free interpretation and self-evaluation, yet provides hope to everyone that boldly opens this book. The deadly culprits of Silence and Secrets present themselves. For example, silence allows the Owl to survive; however, for a mistreated child, silence is deadly. This book is enlightening as it presents many survival skills that Anastasia used on her journey to self-discovery, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. 

Adversity faces us all, and we all seek our own ways to help ourselves as well as others during demanding times of darkness that consciously or unwittingly swoops upon us from time to time. I have written this story because I wanted to share that all barriers can be beaten if the desire to fulfill our dreams is truly our destiny. I am confident that the lessons in "Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)" will help us all. This is the only book of its kind which focuses on a reader’s journey towards self-healing rather than the details of hardship.

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